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Outside this show, Zach is a multi-media producer and digital marketing consultant, working with clients to help them understand how best to use online and social platforms to market their business.

When it comes to the show, Zach didn’t always sit at a desk, talking into a microphone about stuff. In fact, at one point in his life he was a child.

In college Zach spent many hours producing all sorts of stuff, including radio and TV shows. Since that time this trend has not changed much. The advent of the Podcast as a new medium was a welcome addition to the world of broadcasting, in Zach’s opinion. It’s like radio, but you choose what you want to hear, when you listen to it, where you listen to it, and how loud. It is a wonderful thing.


Zach lives in Pittsburgh where he finds the parking authority to be a nuisance and a bother. Those are two different things, right? On the weekends he often goes to the Strip District to wander around and smell the smells. A frequent stop is Wholey’s – “The Free Aquarium”. Zach has always been a dog person, although he currently has a roommate who is 100% feline, and he is OK with this.


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