Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers:


Q: Where can I suggest a guest for the show?
A: You can email suggestions to WritingOnTheFloorRadio@gmail.com

Q: Why is it called “Writing on the Floor”?

A: A superb question. At it’s core, this is a show about people. People who are worth talking to, and people whose stories are worth hearing. As the show has developed in the early episodes I’ve found that conversations are hitting on people’s approach to their work, as well as how and where they got started with what they do.

So we’ve decided to name it “Writing On The Floor.”

What does that mean? I’ll tell you.

In the short–lived, but much–loved Aaron Sorkin TV show “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” Matt Perry plays a sketch comedy writer at a fictional Saturday Night Live-type show. His character, also named Matt, is reminded of an early office he once had at the show, which was so small that if he held a pencil in each hand he could write on opposite walls at the same time. Matt replies, “That wasn’t my first office, that was my second office. My first office was on the floor outside the writers room. I sat there with newspapers and a legal pad.”



This is a common theme among writers and artists: that at some level, people never seem to leave that place where they started. They carry it with them for the rest of their career. That’s what it’s about… it’s about the feeling that we are all still “writing on the floor”.


Q: Where do you record the show?
A: We record the show at the “Wherever We Happen To Be Today Studios” in Pittsburgh Pa (or, another place). Here is our usual studio in Highland Park:



Q: Zach Simons is a weird name… is it real?
A: Yes.


Q: What kind of name is that?
A: Mostly British. Well, “Simons” is at least. “Zach” is short for “Zachary” which was inspired by one of the titular characters in the J.D. Salinger book “Franny and Zooey.”

Q: Was it Franny?
A: No.


Q: So Zooey?
A: Yes. His name was Zachary Glass.


Q: Will I ever have to pay for episodes of Writing on the Floor?
A: No. As long as it is possible, we will keep the show free. As Pericles said “All good things should flow into the boulevard.” We don’t believe in charging for stuff if you don’t have to.


Q: I want to contribute to the show. How can I do this?
A: That depends! Email us at WritingOnTheFloorRadio@gmail.com and let us know you have this desire! We will see what we can do.


Q: Why does the show come out in spurts?
A: We want to say it’s because we produce the show on the SNL model, but honestly it’s because it’s a free podcast, and life is busy.


Q: Why don’t you announce upcoming guests more?
A: Because people drop out, and cancel last minute sometimes and we don’t want them to look like jerks, just because they are successful and busy.


Q: I think you owe a lot to Terry Gross.
A: That isn’t a question.


Q: Are you saying you disagree?
A: No. You are completely correct.


Q: How can I sponsor the show?
A: Send us an email, and you can pay to have us hawk your business! If we like you. Only if we like you.


Q: Can I see a picture of Zach?
A: Sure.



Q: Marcy the cat shows up sometimes.

A: Yes she does.



Q: Is she real?

A: Very much so.



Q: Can we see a picture of her?

A: Yupp.


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