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Writing On The Floor is a show dedicated exploring anyone who is doing anything interesting or creative in life. We want to showcase people who are worth talking to… people who are trying to make the world better on some way.

The show was founded in 2011 as “The Steel City Podcast” when producer and host Zach Simons realized there was just too much cool stuff happening around him, and not enough people talking about it. With the help and support of friends and family production began. In November of 2011, Zach changed the name to “Writing On The Floor.” Look at the FAQ to find out why.

The show is produced independently in Pittsburgh, and distributed online for FREE! We believe that everything that can be shared for free, should be. If you wish to support the show to keep it going, that is awesome (yay!) but our goal is to always make it available for free online. Like Jordan McDeere said on Studio 60 “it should be free and seen by as many people as possible,” and while she was referring to a TV show, we think the same applies here. Like Pericles said “All good things should flow into the boulevard.” That’s what we we want to happen here… keep all things good flowing.


Click here for some photos of our show, both live and in the studio.

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